Sapient Nitro/APS: Auditing a Legacy Site and Setting Standards for Future Content


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Summary: I was part of a team auditing an 1800-page utility company website that had been gathering pages since the late 1990s. 

After we performed the audit, I documented the findings and wrote a “friendly writing guide” for the staff writers to help them simplify the often-formal and verbose content on the website. 

Work I Did

Original Project: Audit Legacy Website

Sapient Nitro was hired to do a content audit of, a legacy website of a utility company, in preparation for a website redesign. At 1800 pages, the sheer volume of mostly brochure-ware content from the 1990s was intimidating. But we managed to slash the page count by around 50%. 

Next up was to advise the company on how to elevate the existing content. 

Audit Findings Presentation

Since most of the content on the website was from the early days of the web, it wasn’t following the best practices for things like SEO, “chunking” content, and making it scannable and appealing, not only for humans but also for Google. I wrote up the following presentation on our findings and recommendations.  


Friendly Writing Guide

Since this was a legacy site from the 90s, much of the content felt like “brochureware.” I wrote up a “friendly writing guide” to help the staff make the remaining content friendlier and easier for customers to read, and do the tasks they needed to do.   


Charlene and I worked together on a massive content audit of a client’s site. She is professional, very creative, and brought an amazing energy to the group. Really enjoyed working with her, and hope to do so again in the future.

Kyle Hudson

Team Leader

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