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In July 2022 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Getting diagnosed was the easy part—getting successful treatment was (and continues to be) challenging, due in part to the complete dearth of information given to patients by the doctors and DMEs (durable equipment manufacturers, companies that get you the equipment).

I’m an excellent researcher so I quickly figured out a lot of things. I started to write posts (and became active in sleep apnea chatrooms/boards) to help others who weren’t so industrious.

Here is some of that content.

Work I Did

What your doctor didn’t tell you about CPAP

When people get diagnosed with sleep apnea, it seems the communication they get on CPAP use is very slim. It’s usually just “Use it for four hours a day and clean the equipment regularly.”

The issue with this is: people aren’t told that the four hours is purely a number for insurance compliance, and they won’t start experiencing benefits until they get 7+ hours a night of CPAP use.

My approach:

Whenever I want to learn something, i start to consume the firehose of content. I join Facebook groups. I join Reddit groups. I look for other online boards. I watch YouTube videos. After a while I start to see the same references to experts in the space. However, CPAP isn’t a very sexxy topic, so there were only a few people I saw references to repeatedly. I had to find out a lot of information through my own experience, or asking questions on some of the online boards. Or just spending a LOT of time going on the online boards!

Results: I wrote up several posts on Medium detailing my experience starting up with CPAP, and made some instagram videos of some masks to try out.

Medium Posts

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