Can I Interest You in Some Word Agreement?

By Published On: May 19th, 20221.1 min read
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People writing taglines are just making up their own rules. Sometimes this works (Think Different) but sometimes it doesn’t.

One tagline I saw recently was “Go from Flat to Volume.” Those words don’t match. Flat is an adjective, while volume is a noun. It would be more correct to say, “Go from flat to fluffy.”

Here’s today’s example. “Go from hustle to aligned.” “Aligned” is a state. “Hustle” is not a state.” If you change it slightly to “hustling” it’s sort of a state. “Go from hustling to aligned.” Still sounds weird to my ear.

The company actually wrote it better themselves in the post description “….from hustle and grind to alignment and peace.”

If they’d asked me, I might have changed it to: “Stop hustling, get aligned.”

But a deeper issue here is the use of “aligned” on its own. You’re usually aligned with or to something. I can be in alignment with my values. I can be aligned with a cause. It’s kind of odd for this word to be used on its own. I suspect that somewhere in their materials they talk about being aligned with values. But a good tagline should tell me what I need to know without having to dig further.

Charlene Jaszewski

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