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By Published On: May 8th, 20220.9 min read
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My credo as a writer is to “answer questions before they’re asked.” I was on this site today, looking into prices for getting lenses replaced in my favorite eyeglass frames. I’m choosing between different lens types. As the lenses go down the page, they get thinner, and they get more expensive. The differentiator is your prescription. For example, for Mid-Index, the text says “suitable for low to mild prescriptions.” But how do I know if I have a “low to mild” prescription or a “high” prescription?


My Fix

My fix would be to either have “low to mild” and “mild to high” have a link on it that goes to a popup or page that describes which prescriptions are which. OR a link somewhere on this page that says something like, “Which lens should I get for my prescription?”

Ideally, once you enter your prescription, it should show you which lens type would be best for your prescription. Highlighted, with an added message, “We recommended this lens type for your prescription.”

Charlene Jaszewski

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