Bill Plympton: Independently Animated

If you attended the lecture from animator Bill Plympton at Museum of the Moving Image the other night, the word that is indelibly burned into your brain is INDEPENDENT. Plympton was joined by David Levy, his friend and co-author of the new book about his life and art, Bill Plympton: Independently Animated.
Plympton started work as an illustrator back in the 70s, but it wasn’t until he released his 1991short “Your Face” the world finally got a taste of his twisted visual animated humor.

I myself first discovered Plympton back in the 90s, through the excellent Spike and Mike Twisted Animation Festivals.

I am a big fan of abstract humor, be it verbal or physical, so Plympton hits the right spot with me. He’s also got a great sense of how to use every plane of space in an animation. A great example is his Guard Dog series. The dog is all exploding mouth and buggy eyes, flinging himself into all four corners of the screen.



Fairysteps Leather Shoes

Since I’ve started wearing “minimalist footwear” I’ve been on the hunt for cute shoes with thin soles…and I happened upon the lovely Fairysteps company!

Fairysteps are made lovingly by a woman in the UK, she sources gorgeous vibrant leather, and makes the soles from Vibram (the best kind of rubber!)

Some are round toe-d, some are pointy, but all would make any girl feel all dainty to wear, especially with the ribbons for laces!

See her website here

See her blog here

Follow her on Facebook here



Walnut Studiolo Leather Handlebar Bike Wraps

If you’re a leather lover with a bicycle, boy do I have something for you. Walnut Studiolo makes lovely leather wraps for your bike handlebars. Imagine how soft and patina-ed they will become over time!


In honor of the Fright Night remake, I present Chris Sarandon’s ass

If you are a girl of a certain age (40s), you remember Fright Night. Not so much for the horror/camp combo, but for a memorable scene where the sexy vampire next door (Chris Sarandon), does a dance floor seduction of a teenage girl. There was a collective ROWR of girl hormones when this came out in theaters! At least among me and my friends.


Soft Star Run Amoc Shoes: Elven Running Shoes!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of research on “barefoot running.” I recently ordered a pair of Soft Star RunAmoc Running Shoes. And I use “running shoes” loosely. They are literally a soft leather moccasin with a 2mm Vibram rubber sole. Pix of the shoes and a little video follow. THEY ARE SO COMFY!


Divine Tribe Leather Bags

Found these bags at a cute little boutique in Astoria, called KrisTees.

What drew me to this bag was the horn. It doubles as a bag fastener, AND a self-defense weapon against muggers!

This bag is made by a local design group called Divine Tribe.  It looks like they do have a few styles that they make multiples of, but the ones that are most interesting are one of a kinds like the bag below.

Tares Pouch


Ruta folding bag from Divine Tribe

I also saw this one on their website. It’s HAIR! how exotic though.


Criteria for a new name

If you’ve seen my name, you know it’s a big Polish bag of consonants. I’ve been thinking about changing it since I came back from living in California. I had left both a job and a man i’d been with for six years, and left a state. I was starting over, and I thought it might be good to start with a new name.

I wanted a name that was kind of stylish. I toyed with using my late brother’s middle name (Jerome) as my last name. Sadly, any name I came up with sort of sounded like a stripper’s name. … 


The most beautiful animation you will see this year

A good song, an emotive dance, an expressive drawing.
All beautiful things in their own right. But imagine them fused in one package and you have the following video from Pixar animator Ryan Woodward. From his website, conteanimated, he says

The birth of “Thought of You” came from my desire to unite several of my passions into one art piece. Figurative works, 2d animation, EFX animation, and contemporary dance. Put all three of these forms together to support a theme centered around the complexities of intimate relationships…and voila, “Thought of You” is born!

Rather than creating a narrative animated piece that communicates a well defined story, this piece allows for each individual who views it to to experience something unique and personal that touches their own sensibilities.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

Watch it yourself a few times and see what you think. Everyone sees something different. I must have viewed it 30 times and I’m STILL finding little details in it!

But after you’ve watched it a few times, try these things:

  • Watch it without sound
  • Focus on the man
  • Focus on the woman
  • Focus on their connection points when they touch
  • Focus on their shadows
  • Focus on the many ways the girl escapes from the man
  • Focus on the many ways the girl EXPLODES
  • Freeze the animation periodically to take in the drawn lines
  • Focus on the hand positions of both of them (dancer’s hands are so expressive, such a delight that Ryan paid attention to them!)
  • Focus on the little animated extras Ryan has included
  • Wonder why the man doesn’t become white at the end

Mashup du Jour: Mashed in Plastic

On my quest for ever more mashups, I started looking for mashups for artists I liked. While searching for Bowie, I discovered a Bowie/Tori Amos mashup that I posted previously. But I checked with the person who made it (Was Audio) and found to my delight that he’d made an ENTIRE ALBUM of David Lynch/tinged mashups, with dialogue thrown in.

It’s a free download you can get here. You can get it two ways: 18 independent tracks with video, or two extended tracks that work as one long mix. I’m currently listening to the 2 long tracks, but also downloading the 18 tracks because I want to see the video.

There are a few amazing tracks in there, mostly in the B side/second batch. I don’t even want to tell you about them, I want you to be surprised! But I really like #5, #11, #12 and #14 right now. #17 ALMOST works, but it sounds a little off in my head.

This is really making me itchy to see Lost Highway, which I’ve never seen, and is in my Netflix Queue right now!

Let me know what you think!


Sesame Street Muppets: geniuses in timing

So, i have a great love of movies with physical comedy, and timing. A well-timed look, or movement can be funnier than an entire monologue.

It occurred to me that the genesis of this was Jim Henson’s muppets on Sesame Street. For example, this classic video. The way the muppets bounce, the way they zip off screen in time to the music, the way the fat blue muppet’s mouth scrunches up to keep the monster back at the last verse. It’s all simple and genius.

A modern take on physical comedy are the Umbilical Brothers, an Australian duo.