Mystery Meat UI in iOS 15 Weather App

By Published On: February 23rd, 20220.8 min read
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So i woke up this morning to find my iPhone had updated itself to iOS 15 (which i don’t recall approving!) One thing that’s different is the Weather app. They made a bunch of changes; some are obvious and some are cryptic.

The first thing i notice is that instead of showing high temp/low temp, they’ve switched it to low/high. Which is strange, because literally EVERY OTHER WEATHER APP IN THE WORLD DOES HI/LOW. Not to mention every single weatherman.

  • There’s also a line between the temps. What does that indicate?
  • Some of the lines are short, some are long. What does that indicate?
  • Does the placement of the color on the line mean anything?
  • What does the line color mean? Is it temp? It might be air quality, but who knows?

It’s so annoying when designers change a design that was working perfectly well.

Charlene Jaszewski

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