Way back when the internet was just text pages and marketing had not yet taken over everything, I bought moodle.net and put up my very first website. It had an animated GIF for the front page and everyTHANG.

“moodle” was a handle I had chosen back in 1996 when I joined one of the first Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) on the young web, Bitstream Underground (BSU), where I had made lovely friends that I still have today. Moodle.net became a place where I tested out my web design skills, and put up stuff that amused me.

I did hard coding for moodle.net, but I eventually discovered blogging platforms and I moved on to blogger and livejournal. I kept moodle as my email all the way up until 2008 until I sold moodle.net domain to the gentleman who authored the moodle programming language. I kept charlene@moodle.net and he provided a forward to my new domains. But nowadays I have become theredheadsaid as my online identity, and sadly the moodle.net email has become a spam magnet, having been on the intertubez for 13 years. So i made the decision today to pull the plug on my moodle.net identity.

Goodbye moodle.net, I have loved ye.