Fairysteps Leather Shoes


Since I’ve started wearing “minimalist footwear” I’ve been on the hunt for cute shoes with thin soles…and I happened upon the lovely Fairysteps company!

Fairysteps are made lovingly by a woman in the UK, she sources gorgeous vibrant leather, and makes the soles from Vibram (the best kind of rubber!)

Some are round toe-d, some are pointy, but all would make any girl feel all dainty to wear, especially with the ribbons for laces!

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Divine Tribe Leather Bags

Found these bags at a cute little boutique in Astoria, called KrisTees.

What drew me to this bag was the horn. It doubles as a bag fastener, AND a self-defense weapon against muggers!

This bag is made by a local design group called Divine Tribe.  It looks like they do have a few styles that they make multiples of, but the ones that are most interesting are one of a kinds like the bag below.

Tares Pouch


Ruta folding bag from Divine Tribe

I also saw this one on their website. It’s HAIR! how exotic though.