Make something 365 Blog

If you’re a creative person you know that sometimes you need a box to design your way out of. Many people find the “make X once a day” idea very fruitful. And there’s a lovely blog that chronicles just that!

One woman makes an owl a day

This gentleman makes one imaginary creature a day

Oddments & Curiosities: odd creatures on odd days

One guy just decided to ¬†Make Something Cool Every Day¬†like this awesome “emoticikhans” Another rabbit hole of illustration to fall into

If you are a fan of threadless, or, or other illustration sites, you’ll love It’s works of art from illustrators available in multiple formats: art prints, t-shirts, even computer and iPhone skins.

It has the Tumblr functionality that I love: you can follow people and their updates appears in an easy-to-read stream.

As a (closeted) illustrator, I like the idea of just coming up with the art and someone else producing its vehicle!


PictoPlasma, the Good Shorts

Pictoplasma is an illustration/animation festival I first discovered when I was in Berlin in 2006. It just came through NYC today and I got to see it!
I couldn’t find all my favorite shorts from the show, but here are the ones I could.

THIS ONE TIME – by Nelson Boles