Using Wool Combs

Hand combs are one of the old-fashioned tools available to prepare fiber for spinning. While you can purchase prepared roving for spinning, you will often have fiber that requires some preparation in order to spin high quality fiber. You can prepare fiber by hand either using hand carders or hand combs. There is more “waste” […]

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Al Jaffee in Brooklyn, feh!

I am not one to be star-struck. The fact that New York is one of the most celebrity-laden cities on earth is not one of the reasons I moved here. But when I met Al Jaffee tonight in Brooklyn, I found myself gushy and blabbering!

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Bicycling Adventures, or how Cappy found me

Way back in 2009, when I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I spent months looking for a bicycle. After I found her, a mint green Fuji cruiser, I spent money tricking her out, getting racks, lights, and the bigass chain locks that NYers scared me into getting. After I was all set […]

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Way back when the internet was just text pages and marketing had not yet taken over everything, I bought and put up my very first website. It had an animated GIF for the front page and everyTHANG. “moodle” was a handle I had chosen back in 1996 when I joined one of the first […]

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Make something 365 Blog

If you’re a creative person you know that sometimes you need a box to design your way out of. Many people find the “make X once a day” idea very fruitful. And there’s a lovely blog that chronicles just that! One woman makes an owl a day… This gentleman makes one imaginary creature a […]

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Bill Plympton: Independently Animated

If you attended the lecture from animator Bill Plympton at Museum of the Moving Image the other night, the word that is indelibly burned into your brain is INDEPENDENT. Plympton was joined by David Levy, his friend and co-author of the new book about his life and art, Bill Plympton: Independently Animated. Plympton started work […]

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