New York Pickup Stories

I’m from a small town in Wisconsin, and the men in the Midwest are not very assertive when it comes to making the move on a woman. In fact, the only way you can know if a Midwestern man is interested in you is if he’s not talking to you.
So since I moved to New York a few years ago, it’s been interesting to see how men of other cultures try to get the attention of ladies. … 


Why I Engaged a New York Crazy

Normally I don’t engage the crazy people in New York. You look in their eyes, and see that there’s nobody really there.



Using Wool Combs

Hand combs are one of the old-fashioned tools available to prepare fiber for spinning.
While you can purchase prepared roving for spinning, you will often have fiber that requires some preparation in order to spin high quality fiber. You can prepare fiber by hand either using hand carders or hand combs. There is more “waste” fiber produced when using combs to prepare fiber, (versus using cards), because combing helps to expose more of the “short bits.”  Only longer fibers remain on the combs, which produces a higher-quality roving. Combing (or carding) will also remove any vegetable matter (VM) from the locks. The sheep were outside you know!



My dad has cancer vs. my dad will die of cancer


My dad’s cancer

My dad has cancer.

My dad is dying of cancer.

I have accepted the former, but I think I have to figure out how to accept the latter.



How Not to Be an Idiot on Online Dating Sites

The following are some posts I’d written on experiences on various dating sites when I started a few years ago.

Top 10 Most Boring Conversation Starters on OKCUPID:



Al Jaffee in Brooklyn, feh!

aljaffeeI am not one to be star-struck. The fact that New York is one of the most celebrity-laden cities on earth is not one of the reasons I moved here. But when I met Al Jaffee tonight in Brooklyn, I found myself gushy and blabbering!



Bicycling Adventures, or how Cappy found me

Way back in 2009, when I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I spent months looking for a bicycle. After I found her, a mint green Fuji cruiser, I spent money tricking her out, getting racks, lights, and the bigass chain locks that NYers scared me into getting. After I was all set and ready – I never rode her. Well, I rode her once down to Union Square, and there really aren’t good bike lanes from the UWS down there. Being unsure about riding in NYC plus the fear that I could never leave her anywhere lest she be stolen meant that I never rode her anywhere. After a while, i felt so bad keeping her cooped up in my house, that I sold her to a woman who promised to ride her.



Peter Aguero Venn Diagram

peterham is dead, the end of an era

Way back when the internet was just text pages and marketing had not yet taken over everything, I bought and put up my very first website. It had an animated GIF for the front page and everyTHANG.

“moodle” was a handle I had chosen back in 1996 when I joined one of the first Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) on the young web, Bitstream Underground (BSU), where I had made lovely friends that I still have today. became a place where I tested out my web design skills, and put up stuff that amused me.

I did hard coding for, but I eventually discovered blogging platforms and I moved on to blogger and livejournal. I kept moodle as my email all the way up until 2008 until I sold domain to the gentleman who authored the moodle programming language. I kept and he provided a forward to my new domains. But nowadays I have become theredheadsaid as my online identity, and sadly the email has become a spam magnet, having been on the intertubez for 13 years. So i made the decision today to pull the plug on my identity.

Goodbye, I have loved ye.


Make something 365 Blog

If you’re a creative person you know that sometimes you need a box to design your way out of. Many people find the “make X once a day” idea very fruitful. And there’s a lovely blog that chronicles just that!

One woman makes an owl a day

This gentleman makes one imaginary creature a day

Oddments & Curiosities: odd creatures on odd days

One guy just decided to  Make Something Cool Every Day like this awesome “emoticikhans”